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Something strange is happening to Old Park Primary School, Telford. Since becoming a nationally recognised School of Creativity, things have changed and there is a need to investigate further – Look Deeper…
Look Deeper is the School of Creativity programme at Old Park Primary School, Telford. Our programme of activities runs over the next two years and aims to research creative approaches to teaching and learning.  We are reflecting critically on the work we already do around creativity and the vital skills required by our pupils to be able to be successful in the world.
Our programme started with a large scale intervention project with a very strange mound on the school playground, delivered over a week with eight external practitioners and a suspended curriculum. Every pupil and member of staff in the school was involved. You can read more about the initial project by clicking on the Look Deeper Project Link in the projects section above.
In July 2010 we turned our school into a modern Garden Centre, you can views some of the images from this event and others by visiting the gallery.
So far this academic year, we have been developing co-constructed learning projects for each year group in school. Pupils and teachers came and presented to a panel of the Headteacher, Creative Agent and three pupils bidding for the money they needed to do projects they have planned together. We will be showcasing all these projects on our blog as they progress. The range of projects is incredible from sending Year 2 to the beach for the day to inspire creative writing to having our very own American Indian pitch his Tipi in the school grounds and live in it for a week with pupils learning all about the traditions of the Native American Indians.
As a School of Creativity we like to invite other schools, teachers and individuals to come and have a look around and always have the time to invite people in.  If you would like to talk or come and visit please contact us via the contact page.
Please make time to sign our guest book once you have had a chance to look around.  We hope you find things of interest.
Mandie Haywood, Headteacher