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Look Deeper Project

Read all about the original ‘Look Deeper’ intervention project that kick started our programme as a School of Creativity. This project came as a complete surprise to the pupils, teachers and the whole community of Malinslee!
Something strange is happening to Old Park Primary School, Telford. Suddenly one Sunday afternoon a huge explosion rings around the community of Malinslee, Telford. On Monday morning things have changed at the newly built primary school only opened in October 2008. A huge investigation has begun around a mysterious mound of earth in the school playing fields. A marquee used to cover the mound glows and pulses regularly with different coloured light, smoke is pouring out of the mound. Strange sounds occur at regular intervals. School TV screens and white boards start showing a high level of interference from something and the Headteacher has started acting strangely with changes to her appearance and an unusual panicked manner. An emergency full school assembly is called and a team of scientists bursting into the school hall with sirens sounding loud and flashing lights immediately quarantines the school. One of the spare classrooms becomes the base for the investigations to begin. What is happening? Could it be that the planners didn’t research the ground the school is built on properly? Is the school built on one of the many Telford disused coalmines? Is the school being engulfed by some strange underworld? What or who is coming up from beneath? What will the community of Malinslee, Telford think is happening? Can the local police force shed any light on activities? Who is going to get to the bottom of it all? It is down to you, the school pupils and staff with our crack team of professional scientists to find out more… Look Deeper…
Here is an animation made by 1V and 6Q of the research the children conducted throughout the week

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