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Old Park Garden Centre

In the summer term 2010 Old Park Primary transformed themselves into a modern day Garden Centre open to the community. Every class was involved with projects that span from the standard gardening and horticultural activities to coffee shops and even art galleries. The event was a huge success with a very large community turn out to view and purchase all the various products the children had made.
On the 9th July 2010 Old Park Primary became a modern Garden Centre. Each class or groups of classes applied to the central business bank of Old Park for money to fund them working with external practitioners to develop their own department of the Garden centre. Some classes arranged visits to museums and local Garden Centre to inform their work.
Here is the list of projects that were granted funding:
Foundation Stage – Choosing the right ingredients and making healthy and scrumptious smoothies for sale on the day.
Foundation Stage – Making windchimes for use in the garden
Key Stage 1 – Visit to the Garden Centre and guided tour plus the purchase of equipment, seeds and plants to develop the flowers, shrubs and plants department.
Year 3 – Making greetings cards
Year 3 – Hand Made Candles with Rebecca Shrewsbury
Year 4 – Designing and building recycled garden ornaments and sculptures
Year 5 – Trip to the Jackfield museum to research the history of tiles and make their own for sale.
Year 5 – Designing and decorating clay pots
Year 6 – abstract art project with Dennis Hamilton & Catering / Refreshments with Angela Cleary, Fine Fayre Catering
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