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School of Creativity

Old Park Primary became a School of Creativity in September 2009. We developed a two year programme that researched creative teaching and learning and everyday classroom practice.  Our project links to the local community and is driven by staff and pupils together.
Look Deeper is supported by Creative Partnerships the government programme for creativity in education, coordinated and managed by CCE, Culture, Creativity and Education.
What is a School of Creativity?
The Schools of Creativity programme builds on the best of Creative Partnerships current practice. It enables a select group of outstanding schools to engage in cutting-edge research and innovative outreach with other schools. The programme harnesses these schools commitment to creativity and offers them a new role, based around innovation, leadership and influence, which builds on what they have already achieved. Schools of Creativity make up a national network that makes an important contribution to the ongoing development of the Creative Partnerships programme as a whole.
There are only 56 Schools of Creativity nationally, these include nursery, primary, secondary and special schools.
Look Deeper is a project that kick started our two year programme and involves the whole school community at Old Park Primary School, Telford. The project is planned and delivered in collaboration with nine professional artists from different artistic disciplines, Drama, 3D art and sculpture, sound, visual art, film, animation and journalism. Look Deeper requires the school to collapse the curriculum for five days as a complete surprise to the teachers (apart from the Headteacher).
Every pupil and member of staff is an active participant in the project. It is the responsibility of the teaching staff to talk to their class, encourage creative thinking and plan a focus for their enquiry. Pupil voice is at the centre of the development of the creative ideas. Pupils need to be listened to and their ideas used as the basis for the investigations.
Curriculum links are essential to the success of the project. Extending creative writing is a specific focus of the project, all classes will produce inventive and high level narrative to support their investigations.
The project will insist that teachers and support staff Look Deeper into the teaching and learning already happening at Old Park Primary.
Detailed reflection and evaluation will ensure honest and open conversations about creative educational practice. Teachers will be asked to write down the processes they have been through with their classes, what worked well, what felt comfortable, what felt uncomfortable, personal reflections on their practice, interesting and new experiences and comments from their pupils throughout the week. Pupils will be asked to evaluate the week and must be made to understand that their input is vital and that their views are important.