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Old Park Primary school is situated in Malinslee, Telford.  We currently have 509 children on roll from the local area.  The school was an amalgamation of two smaller primary schools in 2007 and we were lucky to move into a beautiful new building in October 2008. The new building has excellent facilities to assist all our children with the important process of learning.


At Old Park Primary School we are serious about giving every young person and their families the opportunity to achieve and follow their aspirations for life.
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To do this we have a strong ethos of hard work coupled with fun and engaging learning opportunities.  We have strong links with our local community and operate an open doors policy inviting the school community and external visitors into our school frequently.
Last year we achieved some of our highest Year 6 SAT results with 71% of pupils achieving level 4 or above in both English and Maths, preparing them for their next stages of education in secondary schools across Telford. In addition 85% of our pupils achieved the expected amount of progress or better in maths and 98% in English.
We understand the importance of the home school relationship and hold regular community activities as part of our core educational offer.  Parents and carers enjoy being involved with the many projects we host and we have a high level of participation in all community activities.  Our teachers hold termly community events as part of their curriculum.
We firmly believe that providing an engaging, creative and stimulating curriculum has a positive effect on the children’s motivations, aspirations and achievements across all curriculum areas.  As such children are, given the opportunity to shape and design their own curriculum topics, encouraged to take risks and try new things, taught to listen and work as part of a team and understand the importance of their learning.
Our achievements have been recognised through many awards over the last few years.  In 2009 we became a National School of Creativity, one of 56 schools to be chosen to receive extra funding to support the development of creative teaching and learning.  In 2011, we were awarded the Times Educational Supplement, Outstanding Primary of the Year, a national award recognising the work we have been doing to develop an inspirational curriculum, bring our wider school community closer to the children’s learning and for our excellent support for children with special educational needs.  Already this year, we have become a regional Arts Connect Hub school with a responsibility to share excellence in arts education with other schools across Telford. We have recently become one of a small number of schools to be chosen to host ‘In Harmony’, a music and community programme that means every child will be participating in learning a musical instrument over the next three years.